Olaplex Is Here!

IT'S HERE!! IT'S FINALLY HERE!! You know me, I am not one to get on the horn about what you HAVE to try and/or buy BUT I can't hold back on this one. I need to introduce you to OLAPLEX. This is the latest technology to hit the salons and it's seriously a game changer. For all you color clients out there *cough* *cough* especially the ones who like to go lighter in color or like to switch up colors every season. Olaplex has developed a bond multiplier to rebuild the hair as you are coloring it. Olaplex guarantees NO MORE breakage! NO JOKE. Your hair feels healthier and stronger after the color service than before. It keeps that gorgeous expensive hair color lasting longer. Its a 2 step rebuilding process that adds around 15-30 more minutes on to your appointment time and usually runs around $15(per bowl of color) It's totally worth it! Ask your stylist about Olaplex!